Project Team Presents to Anam Community

2 Apr

Community Presentation

The project team travelled from the headquarters in Accra, Ghana to the future Anam City site in Anambra State, Nigeria this week to present developments in the new city project.

Led by Dr. & Mrs. Chife, the first community presentation was in Igbo & English and detailed the preliminary research and sustainability analysis (SWOT) to the community and Elders.

The presentation took place in Otuocha and was attended by over 100 members mainly of the Umuoba Anam community in the local illu (public square).  The attendants, which included the full spectrum of residents from young children to Elders, men and women, received the presentation with interest and enthusiasm.  The Elders in particular communicated their eagerness to see the project move forward as soon as possible following several months of discussion.

In addition to continued site surveying on the first phase site (Ebenebe), the team also traveled to surrounding settlements in the region to meet with the elders and members of other Anam communities in order to promote a city-regional development program and continued partnerships.

Anam City Regional Map


5 Responses to “Project Team Presents to Anam Community”

  1. Kerubo Abuya October 27, 2010 at 2:50 pm #

    Great work! I am curious though, other than the council of elders, what has been the community’s role in the planning and design phase of the project? What role have women and the youth played in this process?

    • asackey November 1, 2010 at 6:13 pm #

      Thanks for your thoughtful feedback. The Anam community (particularly the Umuoba Anam people who bequethed the land towards the project) has been involved from the very beginning. Not uncommon in many Igbo cultures, the Anam communities are very organized within their traditional governance structures and maintain a democratic system of participation across all age grades. The Elders have appointed a subcommittee within their traditional Development Council to oversee the design and master planning for the site, reviewing and approving the final master plan for Ebenebe. The Chife Foundation has and will continue to host several focus group meetings (with men and women in the elderly and middle age category as well as youth groups) to understand their questions, concerns as well as to solicit ideas and feedback on the project. Participation in the implementation phase will also tap into local expertise and be open to all members. For example, there will be consultants from the community supporting programs and seed ventures planned for the first phase of the project.

  2. Paulinus November 21, 2010 at 3:02 pm #

    This indeed is a welcome developement and while the planning and implementation of the project continues, Anamites must ensure that this developmental goal is achieved. All Anam people should emulate the giant stride of the foundation. There is something you must give to your community. It must not be cash.

  3. Nwattah Chiezie June 5, 2011 at 2:04 pm #

    A very big aplaud to Dr. Aloy & Gesare Chife Foundation, for this wonderful initiative. It is a welcomed development. I want to call on other Anamites to emulate this…


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    […] I wish to appreciate the efforts and encouragement of  Dr. Aloy Chife and Mrs. Gesare Chife. They brought their wide experience to intimate this programme. Mrs. Gesare […]

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