Water Hyacinth Chokes Ezichi River [VIDEO]

15 Sep

One Response to “Water Hyacinth Chokes Ezichi River [VIDEO]”

  1. Kerubo Abuya October 27, 2010 at 2:47 pm #

    Oh, my! This plant has overtaken and sabotaged the river. What an obstacle to the community’s socio-economic development. Great plans to re-claim the river for the community but am also curious about the ecologists’ view is on this. What is the ecologically sensitive thing to do taking into account that the river serves as a source and resource for the community’s livelihood and perhaps the greater ecological system in the area? I imagine managing the ability of the plant to spread and take over the river would be but also wonder, what is this plant’s contribution to the local ecology/system? Just curios… any thoughts?

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