Build a New City with Us! Internship Program 2011 Announced [VIDEO]

4 Feb

The Chife Foundation is excited to announce the 2nd year of our international internship program in sustainable development and design.  Since 2009, The Chife Foundation has been working with the community of Anam in Eastern Nigeria to plan and design Anam New City.  With the first overall planning and design phases complete, the project is moving forward into more specific design and infrastructure projects, as well as the initial implementation phases on site.  This settlement is envisioned to be exemplary in its approach to environmental, economic and social sustainability. Self-sufficiency, livability, maximized use of local resources and efficient design schemes are important objectives. The ultimate goal is to create a prototype for new (as well as existing) African cities, thereby creating a model for sustainable development on the continent.

Qualified graduate and undergraduate students from various disciplines are invited to apply.  Please visit the Chife Foundation website for more information about the New City Internship Program and the International Development Internship.  The application deadline is March 1, 2011.

In the video, Community Researcher Assistant, John Paul Anekwe talks about the first phases of the project which include agricultural seed operations, such as a fish farm and a poultry farm and how his community will be involved.

If you are using a slow internet connection, you can also watch the video in a lower resolution format on the Chife Foundation YouTube Channel.  Building A New City (Low Resolution)

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  1. Farewell Message to the Interns « ANAM CITY Blog - August 17, 2011

    […] Your programme witnessed a great change in the Foundation and the community at large. The first seed projects (the fish pond and the brick factory) have fully commenced work. […]

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