Ball State University Offers Graduate Studio on Anam City’s Landscape

1 Mar

Landscape Sites in Anam City

Kicking off mid-February, The Chife Foundation is excited to be working with Ball State University of Indiana to examine several critical landscape sites in Anam City.  Landscape, ecological and agricultural systems are foundational in Anam City’s design.  The project team is looking forward to the innovative ideas and approaches that can come from the partnership with Ball State’s Landscape Architecture Program.  Instructor Simon Bussiere will be guiding eight graduate students pursuing their Masters of Landscape Architecture as they examine and develop holistic site design strategies for several landscape typologies within the city.  The students will focus on indigenous planting and landscape materials, as well as ways to integrate social and infrastructural systems into the city’s design.   The designs may also incorporate biogas generation, multi-modal transportation, urban agriculture, stormwater management, invasive species mitigation, and waste management.

The various site include:

Ecological Transect of Anam City

  • Half House/Half Farm Plot
  • Fish Farm as a Floating Public Park
  • Transit Node: Public Landscape Axis
  • Pocket park: Public Landscape Axis
  • Dynamic Waterfront Edge
  • Civic Waterfront
  • Agro-Industrial Working Waterfront
  • Leaning Landscape for Anam Academy

You can follow the course’s progress on their Agropolitan Studio Blog.  This is one of several university partnerships the Chife Foundation has developed to expand teaching and learning during the design development of Anam City, Nigeria.

2 Responses to “Ball State University Offers Graduate Studio on Anam City’s Landscape”

  1. ANIJAH AUSTIN IFEANYI March 27, 2011 at 10:31 pm #

    am impressed with the partnership of ball state university and the CHIFE FOUNDATION, always towing the best line of action.

  2. linussolutionIfeanyi October 13, 2011 at 1:23 am #

    That is great. We can’t wait to see.

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