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Battling malaria in Anam with help from Rotary: sharing mosquito nets in Ebenebe

22 Jul

The Dr. Aloy & Gesare Chife Foundation is developing a comprehensive package of community-based health interventions in Anam. The malaria initiative is one of the first programs initiated by the Chife Foundation and is implemented in partnership with High Noon Rotary Club Colorado, USA. The goal of this particular campaign is to eradicate malaria in the region of Anam and is a prelude to the coming construction of the Anam Hospital, which will break ground in November after the rainy season.

The first distribution of the insecticide mosquito net was led this week by Mrs. Gesare Chife in Anam City and witnessed a high turnout. The women and children of Anam were excited to see Mrs Chife visiting their homes to share the bed nets with them. She also took time to educate the village women on how to use the mosquito nets to avoid effects to their skin, as well as using her training as a nurse to issue medical diagnosis to many of the children.

The team plans to distribute more than two thousand long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito nets this year in the immediate village, and hopes to expand with over 10,000 regionally. These high-quality bed nets are designed to be effective without further treatment and for up to five years.

In Zone 1 of Ebenebe village, nets have been distributed to each family; this means every person in the zone is able to sleep under a mosquito net each night. This represents a ratio of two nets per household. The next zone to receive distribution will be Umuoba-Anam Otu-ocha, where another 1,000 will be shared this month. The Chife Foundation will implement a follow-up assessment to verify the percentage of nets being regularly used. On-going education in the target villages is also planned, in an effort to significantly reduce the spread of malaria in Anam.  Treated nets were chosen from among many available methods as one of the more effective ways to prevent the spread of malaria, especially amidst the climate of drug resistance and misuse that is growing in West Africa.

The Anam community and Chife Foundation greatly appreciate support provided by the High Noon Rotary Club of Durango Colorado who’s partnership has made this programming possible.



Launching the Sand Dredger in the Ezichi River

11 Jul

With the first dredger ever on the Ezichi River, this milestone allowed the ongoing Anam City project to take on a new trajectory. This is the first time the Ezichi River has been mechanically dredged; currently local source sand from the river manually using a process that is slow and unsafe. The mobile dredging boat will allow increased  flexibility for year-round provision of sand at volumes required for the construction of the city project.

The construction of the Anam dredger was initiated in January 201 to augment the scarcity of sand in the region and, specifically at the Anam City site. Before now, the process of bringing sand to the site has been a very difficult task. This is because the only alternate beach is at Otuocha, where a tipper can purchase sand and deliver by road. Otu-ocha is a town 50-kilometer away from Ebenebe Anam.  The newly installed dredger at Ezichi River will make sand available for the New City.  Construction of the boat has finally come to completion as the dredger has fully commenced operation today.

Dredging is an excavation activity usually carried out underwater with the purpose of gathering up bottom sediments and disposing of them at a different location. This technique is often used to keep waterways navigable.  In our case, it is the next in our series of ‘seed businesses’ that can help to generate jobs and funding, as well as providing an immediately local resource (i.e. sand) vital in the construction process.  The dredging business is an exciting economic development angle for the Chife Foundation, as it has potential to generate funds that can further support the initiatives underway in Anam. 

Dredging is also used as a way to replenish sand on some public beaches, where sand has been lost because of coastal erosion.   The process of dredging creates spoils (the excess material), which are carried away from the dredged area. Dredging can also produce materials for land reclamation or other purposes, usually construction-related.

Because dredging involves the removal of accumulated bottom sediments it is also used to maintain or enlarge a navigation channel or for the purposes of waterfront construction, utilities placement and environmental remediation.    Anam farmers have indicated that the Ezichi has reduced in size and depth significantly in the past 10 years due to erosion (caused by recent tree cover loss) which has augmented the problem of sedimentation in the Ezichi River.  Many will be glad to see the river dredged as it can help to keep it navigable.

There is some concern over the environmental effects of dredging and disposal of dredged material (sometimes contaminated), the increasing unavailability of suitable disposal sites and dredging role in supporting waterborne commerce have combined to raise public interest in dredging and disposal of the material.

Development Council inspects city project site

19 Apr

On Monday March 12th, 2012 a quarterly meeting of the Umuoba-Anam Development Council (UADC) and Anam Development Company (ADC) was held at Ebenebe.  The UADC is an organization created by the Community of Umuoba-Anam to manage the community’s interest in the development at Ebenebe.  The Umuoba-Anam community President General (PG), Barrister Nwatah Stan led his group to the secretariat of the ADC.

On arrival at Ebenebe the Council inspected the progress of the New City at the first phase construction site in Ogwuyo.  The Brick Factory was in full operation, the Fish Farm, and the Yam Store (built to replace the traditional yam storage system “oba”), and the affordable Houses and other housing project were under construction.

After the site visit, the Chife Foundation team made a detailed presentation of the state of the New City Project to the UADC, showing images of construction drawings and housing plans. The UADC representatives expressed their gratitude on development so far and also encouraged the Chife Foundation team to achieve as much as possible as to follow the 2011 Master Plan and MOU.

Dr. Chife (CEO of ADC and Chife Foundation founder) joined the meeting for closing words, expressing appreciation for the Development Council’s involvement in the ongoing project. He said he is impressed that the community is beginning to see the reality of the New City and understand the potential for the project.

Farewell Message to the Fellows

18 Aug

Last day of Anam Rurban Design Workshop with several Fellows

The past is a ghost, the future is a dream, and all we ever have is now.  It is not where you are from, it’s where you are going, it’s not what you drive, it’s what drives you. It’s what is on you and in you, it’s not what you think, it’s what you know.

The Chife Foundation Rurban Design Workshop was is targeted at the youth of our community who have the zeal to serve humanity.  We were all  pleased to join together these 10 weeks in service to our community, Anam and our New City project.

The only shortcut to success is service. As you serve, you are sowing a seed, and there is power in this seed. What you sow is what you reap and more and it may not necessarily matter where you reap it, what matters is that you will reap what you sow. Therefore, we will all encourage you as you sow your seed of service here in Anam for the future of community.

Fellows visiting the brick factory site with Dr. Chife

The Chife Foundation gave us an opportunity to serve our fatherland and our community.  As we recall that just like yesterday that we set our foot on Ebenebe, the time has come once more for us to move on and bid farewell to Ogwuyo site.

I encourage us to keep in touch and to continue to think of ideas, projects and contribution that will expedite the Anam New City project. The New City is for us and the future will not forget us as we leave an indelible footprints.

Fellows presenting to other Anam community members

Once again, we thank Dr Aloy and Gesare Chife for  the wonderful priviledge given to us to serve our communty. We promise to do more if such opportunity is given to us in the future.

Post by: Linus Ifeyani Nnekwe

Farewell Message to the Interns

17 Aug

Interns traveling to Otuocha by boat on the Ezichi River , July 2011

Whatsoever has a beginning must surely have and end, even a journey of thousand miles. The smooth commencement of the 2011 internship programme and Rurban Design Workshop has finally come to a joyous end.

It is possible that many of you were discouraged by friends, parents and well wishers to come to Africa in the first place. The truth is that you have come, you have seen and you have conquered.

Having served our community, Anam, our great country, Nigeria and our continent Africa with selflessness which have brought gladness and fulfillment to you, a service which you rendered in humility, its now time to say goodbye.

We thank God that you have seen that Africa is lovely, Nigeria is great and interesting, Anam is accommodating and full of potentials.

Borrowing from Dr Aloy Chife, in his speech during his last visit to Ebenebe (in the month of July),”We hope that some of you will love to come back and stay like Stacy, Abena and DK who decided to make a career with the Foundation because of their love and passion for Africa.”

Interns learning to use GPS to collect site information to use in the design of Anam New City

Your programme witnessed a great change in the Foundation and the community at large. The first seed projects (the fish pond and the brick factory) have fully commenced work.

Indeed, your sojourn has brought good fortune to the Foundation and our community, Anam. It was your coming that quenched the would be conflict in the community. Your comming also created a lot of impact and awareness to the people.

No doubt you had made life lasting contacts and friends in Anam and I’m sure you will keep in touch and always reach out to your friend at any point in time.

Finally, I wish to appreciate the efforts and encouragement of  Dr. Aloy Chife and Mrs. Gesare Chife. They brought their wide experience to intimate this programme. Mrs. Gesare Chife has worked very hard to ensure a successful completion of this programme.

Several interns and Anam residents in Iyora-Anam

We hope once again that we have been able to meet your needs to serve the humanity.  May good fortune take you as you re-unite with your loved ones. I wish you all safe journey to your various countries/homes.

God bless you all. Bon voyage !

Post by: Linus Ifeyani Nnekwe

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