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RELAUNCH: over 70 interested workers attend Brick Factory kick-off meeting

22 Nov
Young men and women signing up for work at the brick factory

Both men and women came for information about working at the Anam Bricks factory

Now that the flood has receded, the Anam Development Company held an open meeting on Friday at the Bricks Factory in Anam New City to launch a new work season. A free boat left Otuocha in the morning bringing many people, while others walked or rode okada to the event from nearby towns of: (1) Iyora, (2) Umueze Anam, (3) Aboegbu, (4) Otuocha, (5) Nmiata, and (6) Ebenebe.

A total of 72 people were present at the meeting, including 55 men and 17 women, joined by several elders in the community. It was very positive to see such a large showing of people with an interest in contributing to the progress of the new face of Anam. Among this number there were 13 trained workers who received a certification from the Auroville Earth Institute in the technique of making bricks from the local atachikpa and laterite earth.  During the event, three of these trained workers were recognized for their outstanding commitment to the Anam City project since the training in March 2011.

Trained workers discussing their plans for forming work teams

Trained workers discussing their plans for forming work teams

After discussing the importance of the entire City project and the role of local brick production, many other issues were brought up regarding ways to move the brick factory forward.  There was a special interest by all in knowing when the brick making work will commence, as many people are very eager to start working there. Several applicants also asked when there could be another training at the factory.

The creative operating model of the Anam Bricks was also explained and discussed by the group.  Each trained brick factory worker will lead a team of 6-10 people, and be paid as a team by the number of bricks they can produce.  It is currently estimated that one team can make 1,000 bricks in a day on a single machine.  The factory also requires that each team include at least one female worker so that they can also have a fair chance at the work and learning new skills.   The team-based model will also allow the workers to have flexibility so that they can still continue other part-time occupations, such as farming or fishing.

An applicant asks a question about working in the Bricks Factory

An applicant asks a question about working in the Bricks Factory

Brick production will begin in early December 2011.

Anam Brick Factory maintains a list of prospective workers and trainees; if you would like to be added and contacted via SMS regarding updates on job or training opportunities, please contact Brick Factory Coordinator Ayodele on 07086139095.

Blog Post by Ayodele Eneji, Brick Factory Coordinator

Brick factory employment form

Brick factory employment form

Open House Forum at Ebenebe

28 Jul

Some invited Anam youth on the boat heading to Ebenebe for the event

Friday, 8th July 2011 was a day to be remembered when the Chife Foundation team and interns invited the people of Anam to the Anam New City at Ebenebe to discuss with them the ideas for the ‘new city’ that will develop and benefit the whole Anam community in the near future.

The journey started by boat at the Otu-ocha beach and the guests embarked at Ebenebe beach (opposite otu_Iyiora).

At the site, the team welcomed everyone that came and thanked them for honoring the invitation.   Mr. DK Osseo-Asare gave a brief overview of what he and the rest of the team have been doing for the past few months to help design a better new city for Anam community.

Mr Victor Morba explain the benefits of the fish farm.

The head of the fish farm project, Mr. Victor Morba also explained many of the ideas behind the fish farm and described of the social and economic benefits it will bring to Anam.  He also said that they hope to use the fish farm to create a constant supply of fish to the people of Anam and its environs, especially during the rainy season when there is a scarcity of fish. Several people asked questions, such as how to source the fingerings and how to provide security. Victor once again provided adequate answers to them.

At the brick factory, all the Chife Foundation Interns and Fellows introduced themselves and gave a brief summary of what they are here to do to make the project a successful. Subsequently, the Interns and the Fellows split into smaller groups to explain each part of the project in detail to the invited Anam people. It was followed by an open forum where everyone discussed how to make the Anam New City Project a successful one, specifically with regards to health programs, affordable housing, road infrastructure, and the local economy.

Miss Nkiru, a fellow receiving her certificate

The event was also marked by the planting of an Iroko tree at the brick factory and celebrated by everyone that was present at the occasion. The elders prayed to God and said that as the Iroko tree grows so shall the New City move forward.

After the planting of the Iroko tree, everyone proceeded to a wonderful lunch and ate to their satisfaction. The last activity of the day was the awarding of certificate to several of the Fellows who have completed their community service.

Post By: Simon Onyeka Chife

Planting of the Iroko tree

A group photo after the tree planting

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