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Official Project Website Launched

10 Nov

The Chife Foundation announces the launch of the official city project website designed to showcase the planning, design and implementation of the Anam – New City Project.  As a model for sustainable rurban development in Africa, the project supports an open design approach and encourages the application of the Logics framework and planning principles exhibited in ANAM.  The website presents key elements of planning, designing and operating a sustainable African city with design and documentation in progress that continue to be developed.  Information such as the Master Plan, project media and implementation manual, is presented online as an active and dynamic virtual guide for all stakeholders including urban planners, architects, city officials and communities in Africa and across the world.
The process for the conceptual and physical development of ANAM city is based on an interdisciplinary approach that includes research, consultation and open-soource design methods.   Rather than a linear progression, the process is concurrent, iterative, and fundamentally an evolution of hyb

ridity due to the unique nature of this project.  The website will continually be updated to reflect latest developments and updates.

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