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Anam Rebirth Council Reviews Urban Design

20 Nov

Members of the Council review urban design

The New City project team presented updates to the Anam Rebirth Council on November 20th, 2010 at the Umueze-Anam town Civic Center.  The presentation included updates on architectural and urban design development, as well as the implementation schedule for the next phase.  Final recommendations for Anam City’s development will be published in the Master Plan and posted online on the project website.  The Council members are excited about the recent progress and expressed their continued support, particularly in moving the project through all the necessary professional surveying and government approval processes to ensure implementation.

In addition, the Council reviewed the Anam Flood Media Package (video and print) prepared by the Chife Foundation.  The Flood Media Package will be used to create awareness of the yearly hardship caused by the flooding in Anam for international communities as well as government and public officials.  Following the review, Council Members voted to adopt language from the media package that defined the location of the Anam settlements within the context of a regional watershed, a forward-thinking approach that has important implications for regional planning and development with a focus on environmental stewardship.

Project Team Presents to Anam Community

2 Apr

Community Presentation

The project team travelled from the headquarters in Accra, Ghana to the future Anam City site in Anambra State, Nigeria this week to present developments in the new city project.

Led by Dr. & Mrs. Chife, the first community presentation was in Igbo & English and detailed the preliminary research and sustainability analysis (SWOT) to the community and Elders.

The presentation took place in Otuocha and was attended by over 100 members mainly of the Umuoba Anam community in the local illu (public square).  The attendants, which included the full spectrum of residents from young children to Elders, men and women, received the presentation with interest and enthusiasm.  The Elders in particular communicated their eagerness to see the project move forward as soon as possible following several months of discussion.

In addition to continued site surveying on the first phase site (Ebenebe), the team also traveled to surrounding settlements in the region to meet with the elders and members of other Anam communities in order to promote a city-regional development program and continued partnerships.

Anam City Regional Map


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