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New Satellite Imagery Captures Anam From Space

10 Jan

New satellite imagery has been acquired for the project area and surrounding Anam communities.  The high-resolution aerial photography, acquired through advanced imaging sensors in space, allows us to visualize the existing conditions in Anam (man-made and natural features, watersheds and agriculture).  The processed image with detailed terrain surface elevation data will also facilitate hydrological analysis, urban design modeling in three dimensions and the ability to georeference new buildings and infrastructures as they are being built, supporting legibility and navigability in the new city.


Anam Rebirth July 2010

24 Jul

Community Planner Belgin Gumru presents the Anam Master Plan

The Chife Foundation project team was invited to speak to the Anam Rebirth Council at the end of July about the Anam City Master Plan.   In a rare regional and cross-community gathering, the 8 traditional Anam communities (currently spread across different towns in the State) joined together to start to address their development needs in a broader more cohesive manner.  With this approach, the council is embarking on an ambitious process, a model at the forefront of best practices in Regional Planning & Development.

The Anam City design and research ideas were well received by the Council and the possibility of extending the project to the broader Anam region was discussed. The Council also expressed their support for moving forward with the necessary approvals and environmental assessments required by the government.

During the visit to Nigeria, The Chife Foundation also held several focus group sessions with local residents to discuss their vision for the future city. 

One of the women’s focus groups

Anam Elders discuss the design progress

Anam men's focus group discussing their future and Anam City

Anam community members

Chife Foundation Welcomes Summer Interns

1 Jun

Chife Foundation Project Team - Summer 2010

After a competitive selection process, The Chife Foundation has invited 6 students and recent graduates to join the Anam City research & design team.  Kicking off an intensive schematic design phase for the project, the internship will last for 2.5 months and is based in Accra, Ghana.   From diverse backgrounds and experiences, the group represents interdisciplinarity at its core.

Engineering interns Jay In (South Korea) and Alex Antobre Seinuah (Ghana) will research infrastructure systems for the city, such as solar energy and biogasification.  Keeping in mind the various urban scales, architecture interns Nuzrat Gyamah (Ghana) and Ena Sivcevic (Bosnia) will develop affordable and climate sensitive building typologies for both mixed-use and residential districts in Anam.  Urban planning interns Kwame Akoto-Danso (Ghana) and Stacy Passmore (US) will focus on sustainable land use planning as well as socio-economic systems that can inform the operational structures for the future city.

The interns will collaborate with the design team to develop an integrated Master Plan that will ultimately inform the urban design for the new city.

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