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The Next Generation of Anam: Linus, Charles, and Anthony

26 Jun

Fellows: Charles, Linus and Anthony

Nnekwe Linus Ifeanyi, Okoye Charles, and Anthony Nnalue Odikpo are each 27 years old and are all the first person in their families to attend university. Despite these similarities, their varied courses of study reflect the array of careers that Anamites can and do pursue. This next generation will also provide a critical range of skill sets on which to build a diverse new city.

Linus is currently pursuing his master’s degree in peace and conflict studies at University of Ibadan. He is eager to use his degree to become a specialist in alternative dispute resolution methods, developing methods for settling disputes outside of a court of law. He is particularly interested in engaging with the United Nations, perhaps even working in a refugee camp in Africa. He also hopes to shape the future of Anam by examining the ways in which the development of Anam New City “will help prevent conflicts between Anam and neighboring communities.”

Charles is one of seven brothers and sisters in a family of traders specializing in spare motor parts. However, after observing Nigeria’s mismanagement of real estate and finance, he chose to direct his career toward estate management. He envisions a distinct role for himself in Anam’s future: “[Anam New City] will bring new development to the Anam people and will help me to contribute to the development of my people, both human and material.”

Anthony began his studies in English and literary studies but quickly discovered his real passion: theater. After completing his master’s degree in theater and film studies, he hopes to establish a training academy for actors and screenwriters. This will likely prove a promising career path, given Nigeria’s flourishing film industry, Nollywood, the second-most-prolific film industry in the world (after Bollywood in India) and the second biggest employer in the country. In fact, due to his strong local ties to Anam, he hopes to build his film business in Ebenebe or Otuocha (areas within Anam). Anthony anticipates that in 10 years, Anam’s biggest innovations will stem from a mixture of improved buildings, aesthetics/beauty, and management: “Anam New City will [serve as a] model to every other city around here and the world at large.”


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