2011 Rurban Design Workshop Kicks Off With International Interns

15 Jun

The second intern season is now two weeks underway here in Anam, adding eight fresh perspectives to ongoing projects and ushering in new strategies for implementating the Master Plan. In keeping with the multi-dimensional nature of Anam New City, this group blends a variety of areas of expertise. Additionally, these interns will be working hand-in-hand with the Chife Foundation Fellows from Anam. Please stay tuned for posts from the interns about the exciting projects in store for this year’s Anam Rurban Design Workshop.

Eric Ansanelli – Eric just finished his degree in Forest Engineering from SUNY-ESF in New York. This summer, Eric plans to examine the link between engineering, ecology, and basic service provision.

Isabel Carreras-Baquer – Isabel currently lives in Barcelona and has completed two Master’s degrees in Architecture and Regional & Urban planning. She will be working in Anam to blend her backgrounds in design and development studies.

Nuzrat Gyamah-Poku – Nuzrat is a returning intern from Ghana and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Architecture at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi. In 2010, Nuzrat also worked on housing typology within Anam with the Chife Foundation.

Sara Jacobs – Sara is pursuing her Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture at Harvard University and will be focused on flooding issues and farming development.

Quardean Lewis-Allen – Quardean is pursuing his Master’s degree in Architecture at Harvard University and will work to devise a strategy for affordable housing viable in conjunction with a microfinance system.

Orlena Scoville – Orlena is pursuing a Master of International Affairs at Columbia University and will work on creating a strategy for community banking in Anam, along with examining funding and expanded marketing opportunities.

Andrew Smith – Andrew is pursuing his Master’s in Sustainable Design and Construction at Stanford University and will be focused on transportation systems, road infrastructure, waste management, and energy systems in Anam.

Julia Strickler – Julia is a licensed Naturopathic doctor from Austin, Texas. She will be working to design Anam’s public health system hybridizing traditional knowledges with allopathic methods.

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